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Tony Hale

Producer, Natural Health Expert

Like most natural health experts, Tony Hale (aka T.C. Hale) began his career in stand-up comedy. Touring professionally as a comic for nearly a decade, he never envisioned that he would one day teach the world how to sleep, poop, lose weight, and more.
On Valentine’s Day 2004, Tony lost his voice and it didn’t come back.  After twenty-three doctors couldn't figure out the problem, Tony decided it was time to find his own answers.  Eight years later, not only did Tony figure out his issues, he also happened upon hidden information on how to improve countless other health problems. In order to spread the word about what he learned, Tony decided to make a documentary on a subject sure to grab the attention of many.  “Why Am I So Fat?” teaches the truth about weight loss while showcasing Tony's client, Gabe Evans, who lost 200 pounds in 9 ½ months.  Furthermore, Tony is the author of a natural health book series and has worked with many celebrity clients including Jane Lynch and SpongeBob SquarePants.  Tony is also an executive board member for The Coalition For Health Education, a nonprofit association that spans over thirty-five countries.

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, September 11

10:00am PDT